Travel. Share & Win USD$100 shopping voucher

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

Jom sertai contest dari Clozette dimana anda hanya perlu share pengalaman percutian anda yang paling menyeronokkan dan berpeluang menang USD$100 shopping voucher.. WOW !!!

Contest Period: 7th August - 7th September 2015, and is open to everyone from Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines
Prize up for grabs: The top three (3) best entries per category (as determined by Clozette) will each win a USD$100 shopping voucher at the end of the contest period.

Ada 2 cara untuk Menyertai Contest ini

Cara 1 : Submit a short 300-word travel feature

Cara 2 : Upload a 15-sec Instagram video on your travel adventure

Syarat Penyertaan

1. Pilih Cara 1 atau 2 - story OR video (you can submit both too!)

2.Jika anda pilih Cara 1 : Tulis 300 perkataan beserta pengalaman anda bercuti, attach 2-3 great photos from your trip, and send it to

3. Jika anda pilih Cara 2 : upload 15 saat video travel anda yang paling BEST di Instagram & tag it with #clozette and #BestTravelAdventure.

It's that simple! Start capturing your best travel moments! For more details, visit